Senior Timeline

Senior Time Line for Post Secondary Preparation

*NACAC Step By Step – Consult this website for useful information for post-secondary information:  NACAC


  1. If you have not already done so, begin your college search.  Go to for college searches, ACT/SAT practice tests and scholarship searches.

  2. Visit to register for the October ACT.  MHS’s CEEB code is: 142955 and MHS’s Test Center Code is: 174380

  3. Athletes interested in competing at the Division I or II level need to file a NCAA Clearinghouse form for eligibility.

  4. Research public and private universities using

  5. Listen to the announcements and visit Moline High School’s webpage to learn of upcoming college admission counselors coming to the high school.

  6. Check Moline High School’s counseling website to learn of scholarship opportunities.

  7. Start to think of individuals that could provide you with references.

  8. Begin submitting your admission applications to the colleges you are most interested in.

  9. Attend Moline High School’s Financial Aid Night.  There will be a chance for seniors to receive a $200 scholarship from the Moline High School Counseling Office for attending.

  10. Apply for your PIN for the FAFSA at:

  11. Print a FAFSA pre-application worksheet at

  12. Know the priority dates for filing the FAFSA at the colleges you are applying to.


  1. *THE FAFSA IS A GRADUATION REQUIREMENT STARTING 2020-2021. If students are not eligible for the FAFSA or cannot complete the FAFSA, then they must complete the Alternative Application or the Nonparticipation Form/Waiver*

    A) Complete the FAFSA at online.  The first date you may do this is October 1st.  Parents:  You will need your tax documents from the previous year.
    B) If eligible: complete the Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid

    C) If eligible: complete the FAFSA Nonparticipation Form/Waiver with school counselor

  2. Start to schedule college visits—many institutions will have a college visit day on Columbus Day.

  3. Talk to admission counselors at colleges to find out whether or not you should take the ACT or the SAT.

  4. Continue to search for scholarships.

  5. Many schools have priority dates of November 1st.  Make sure you are applying to colleges and universities.

  6. Attend Black Hawk College Night.


  1. Plan campus visits.

  2. Continue to check for scholarships.

  3. Start to learn how campus life will compare to living at home.

  4. Keep your grades up.

  5. Watch for FAFSA deadline posted by post-secondary institutions.


  1. Prepare for finals if you need to take them—they matter!


  1. Keep copies of all forms you submit to colleges and universities.

  2. Contact your school counselor to have them send your transcripts that include your first semester senior grades.


  1. Check admission status.

  2. Confirm that colleges have received your first semester transcripts.


  1. Local scholarships exclusive to Moline High School students will now become available.  Listen to the announcements and look at the Counselor Blog online to learn about all of these opportunities.


  1. By this time you should have received notification from the schools to which you applied.  Notify the school you have chosen to attend no later than May 1.

  2. Notify schools in which you applied for and alert them that you are not planning on attending.

  3. Compare the financial aid packages from the schools in which you have been accepted.


  1. Take AP exams for which you qualify.

  2. Study for final exams. 

  3. After receiving an award letter from the Financial Aid Office at your college, sign it and send back to the college.

  4. Make sure your final high school transcripts are sent to the college you plan to attend.