All scholarships will be announced on a weekly basis to be read over the student announcements and posted on the scholarship website. As this page is updated weekly, the new scholarships will be posted in a “different color” to differentiate them from the already received scholarships. 

Scholarships with a college listed means you need to have applied to the college and plan on attending there if you are going to apply for that particular scholarship. If an organization is mentioned and a career is noted, you need to major in that particular field in order to apply for the scholarship. If you have questions on any of the scholarships posted, please contact Ms. Stone at: 309-743-8822.

February 10, 2020 – HyVee Scholarship – Scholarships are open to senior students seeking a degree at any four-year college or two-year college leading to a four year degree in the United States. Applicants must be employed by HyVee or be the child of a HyVee employee. Click on the link for details and an application: HyVee

Search the following websites for a variety of scholarships with different critera:
   >Use username and password to log in for Career Cruising
*Start accumulating scholarship funds for colleges and universities as early as 9th grade a